Making a Feminist Internet: Movement Building in a Digital Age

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The terrain of our movements is shifting, and brings with it a fluidity of spaces for our political acts of expression, occupation, re-territorialisation, solidarity and resistance. Internet technologies have become stitched into the landscape of our organising and politics of engagement. But this landscape is rapidly changing. With new opportunities, horizons, possibilities, and also challenges.

To respond to this emerging reality, the Association for Progressive Communications is collaborating with Mamacash, CREA, Frida, Urgent Action Fund and Astraea, with local organising partner, Empower, to hold a 4-day convening to bring together actors who are differently located within movement building work to reflect, question, imagine and create by asking ourselves and each other:

  • How is movement building in a digital age expressed in different locations? 
  • What are the connective junctures of shared concerns, needs and learnings? 
  • What must we pay attention to as backlash and attacks occur in the different spaces we occupy?
  • How do we strengthen safety and agency in the face of online gender-based violence, censorship and surveillance?
  • How do we engage with the internet through a politics and practice of feminism?
  • How can we imagine and make a feminist internet one that is supportive of the resilient and strong movements, and that is both a site of, and a space for our activisms?

We are inviting the participation of activists and actors who are differently located in the social justice landscape to bring valuable perspectives, knowledge and experiences to:

  • Deepen the understanding of how the digital landscape has affected feminist, women’s rights, sexual rights and intersectional movement building work;
  • Strengthen the capacity of feminist, women’s rights, sexual rights and digital security activists to respond to emerging challenges and threats; 
  • Engage in the creation of collaborative ideas and strategising between different actors on how to make a feminist internet and a feminist world that can contribute towards building strong and resilient movements.